Fox Sports’ college football pregame show Big Noon Kickoff doesn’t quite have the following of College GameDay, but it is slowly growing an audience as a lead-in to their top game of the day at 12 PM E.T. The biggest change for Big Noon Kickoff is the addition of former New Orleans Saints running back (and Heisman Trophy winner at Alabama) Mark Ingram on the set. Like his NFL career in New Orleans, Ingram followed another Heisman winner in Reggie Bush on the Fox set.

Fox is hoping Ingram makes a splash as he’s always been a colorful personality and that was clearly evident as they gave him a superstar entrance all his own in Fort Worth before the TCU-Colorado clash. Ingram rode to the set on horseback soaking in the atmosphere.

Ingram certainly brings the energy on set as he led the crowd in a “TCU” chant and sat right in the middle of Rob Stone, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, and Urban Meyer.

Ingram said earlier this week that he’s still open to an NFL return this season if the right situation becomes available. But judging by this intro to the sports media world, it looks like he’s having a great time in his new role. If Fox wants to counter College GameDay and gain more of a foothold on Saturday mornings, more live animals might certainly do the trick.