Mark Ingram truck sticks a YouTuber, screengrab via Big Noon Kickoff Twitter.

Mark Ingram has certainly brought a dose of energy to Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff show. The former Alabama Heisman Trophy winner made his introduction riding on a horse last week in Fort Worth. This week he showed that he still has a lot left in the tank if indeed he wants to field a call from an interested NFL franchise later this season.

On Friday, Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff shared a video of Ingram truck sticking a YouTuber named Deestroying during some of their festivities in Boulder ahead of the Colorado-Nebraska game. Ingram, without any pads, lowered the shoulder and knocked the YouTuber into another dimension, lifting him clean off the ground.

There’s different kind of “ooooooooooohhhhhs” that you hear from crowds and this was definitely one of the jacked up variety.

Initially, it looked like there was more to the story as Ingram then kicked the football away and said repeatedly, “I don’t play.” What did this poor content creator do to make Ingram shift into his own personal beast mode? Well, it turns out it was all in a bid to… create content.

Deestroyed then shared an extended video on his YouTube page where he was purposelly winding Ingram up to create a viral moment, then fake the former running back out like he was legitimately hurt. The extended cut shows Ingram coming over trying to help up Deestroying and starting to get concerned for his wellbeing. Once he finally got up, the two were able to share a laugh about it.

Prank… successful? Perhaps? Although if anyone reading this considers pulling an elaborate prank like this, maybe you’d want to do it without getting truck sticked by Mark Ingram.