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LeSean McCoy knows he crossed a line attacking Dak Prescott this NFL season, chalking it up to inexperience in the sports talk world.

The newest addition to Fox Sports 1’s Speak, McCoy last year called Prescott “a**” as a quarterback, and doubled down on it throughout the season. But speaking with host Julian Edelman on his Games With Names podcast, McCoy acknowledged he went too far.

“I’ve had some struggles with TV, because I’m so raw and new at it,” McCoy told Edelman. “But in all reality, I should have said it differently, like ‘he’s playing like a**.’ Because it’s a lot of a** quarterbacks … I think he’s an average, above-average quarterback.”


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McCoy, of course, was just piling on sports media’s biggest punching bag, the Dallas Cowboys. How Prescott plays is the lead topic of most sports shows the Monday after every NFL weekend. And sure, he’s not elite.

But given Prescott was a leading contender for MVP most of the season and led Dallas to a top seed in the NFC, it’s hard to even agree with McCoy that Prescott was “playing like a**.”

Certainly, it sounds like McCoy is adjusting to life on sports talk shows. More specifically, he’s adjusting to working at Fox as a retired NFL star, where strong takes on the Cowboys are 1A on the job description.

Kudos to McCoy for owning up to his inexperience and taking back his sharp wording toward Prescott.

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