NFL on Fox Kevin Burkhardt fields potential new catchphrases for a new promo on Fox. (Credit: NFL on Fox)

Over the years, sports broadcasters have had a knack for their catchphrases. Some have become synonymous with them anytime they appear on the screen. Fox’s Kevin Burkhardt has proved solid in his role as the lead NFL play-by-play man for Fox. But Burkhardt is thus far without a catchphrase. Luckily for him, his colleagues Greg Olsen, Erin Andrews, and Tom Rinaldi are on the case.

The NFL on Fox’s X account posted a video you’ll probably see more than once this weekend. Joined by his colleagues Andrews, Olsen, and Rinaldi, Burkhardt fielded suggestions for catchphrases.

“Guy gets a sack, you go, ‘Sack you very much!'” Olsen suggested. Andrews and Rinaldi then offered suggestions of their own.

“Sack of all trades,” Andrews said.

“Sack-a-roni and cheese,” Rinaldi offered. Olsen liked that one, but the group hadn’t come to a consensus decision yet. So it seems like Burkhardt will have to keep going to work on it.

It might be even funnier if Burkhardt decided to trot one of these catchphrases out during the weekend. Nevertheless, the style of video promo here isn’t unlike what the NFL on Fox has previously done. They’ve made an effort to produce similar style promos in the lead=up to their games with this crew. The togetherness factor for this crew definitely helps, not hurts. Appearing more tight-knit and laid back is definitely an aid to viewers who are just looking to sit back and watch the game. This promo does succeed in that regard and in that style, so touche to the NFL on Fox for producing this video.

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