Brooks Koepka (second from left) and Joe Buck (center) met up at the All-Star Game.

When Brooks Koepka captured his first major at the 2017 U.S. Open, Joe Buck infamously had bad information on Koepka’s relationship status, calling his then (and current) girlfriend Jena Sims by the wrong name.

Both Koepka and Sims have clearly forgiven Buck for the mistake, which Buck had the chance to correct last summer when Koepka won his second straight U.S. Open.

It’s U.S. Open week again, and while on the practice range, Joe Buck took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with Koepka, at his own expense.

“My good buddy, Jim, yeah! Keep it up, yeah? You’re doing great with Romo.” That’s pretty solid all around. And to Koepka’s credit, he sells the line nicely.

In addition to the Buck incident, Brooks has had to deal with his name being mispronounced in a variety of ways over the years; Brooks Cupcake is a personal favorite.

Koepka has a chance to win his third straight U.S. Open this week, and his second straight major. He captured the PGA Championship in May, and if he wins this week he’d equal Phil Mickelson’s career major total in the span of two calendar years. But if he’s feeling any pressure, it wasn’t apparent here, and it’s fun to watch him and Buck joke around like this.

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