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Joe Buck is returning to Fox. Well…kind of.

On the Causing a Scene podcast, hosted by Sara Gretzky and Buck’s daughter Natalie, Buck announced that his Daddy Issues podcast has been sold as an animated sitcom to Fox.

Buck cohosts the podcast with Oliver Hudson.

Here’s the transcript of Buck’s comments, via Deadline.

“We have sold Daddy Issues as an animated sitcom to Fox,” he said. “I don’t want to say The Simpsons or Family Guy because you have to do something for 20+ years to get there, but it’s that kind of show. It’s Oliver and me as the two central figures, I am the son of a legendary football coach as opposed to the son of a legendary broadcaster and he’s the son of a musician, which he is, and we work at a prep school and he is a guidance counselor/music teacher.”

Buck and Hudson will both voice characters on the show, a production of Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment.

Fox throws a lot of animation at the wall, and it’s been tough for much to stick around past a couple of seasons aside from the long-running trio of The SimpsonsFamily Guy, and Bob’s Burgers (also a Bento Box production). All three of those shows have been renewed for (at least) two more seasons, while the yet-to-premiere Grimsburg and Krapoplis have been renewed for a second and both a second and third season, respectively. Throw in a fourth season for The Great North and you’ve got the makings of a jam-packed animation schedule for Fox going forward.

Anyway, we’ll see if this ends up making it to air and gets a full season order. If so, maybe we’ll write about it a whole lot more in the future.


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