People watch the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons. Most watch because of the game itself but others may watch for the commercials or to be socially involved in an event that a third of the country is watching.

For those watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show, they found out who is going to perform in Miami. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both revealed that they will be performing next February for Super Bowl LIV.

This is going to be the first halftime show since Jay-Z and Roc Nation partnered with the NFL, where they are “advising” the NFL on which artists to select for NFL music performances like the Super Bowl halftime show.

It makes sense given J. Lo’s and Shakira’s connections to the city of Miami. If only the NFL realized the importance of bringing people in with a connection to the host city last year so we could’ve avoided having Maroon 5 as the headliner for an Atlanta Super Bowl but I digress. At least Big Boi was there.

For both people, this is their first Super Bowl but both have experience performing at highly watched sporting events. Shakira performed at the 2010 World Cup opening game and J. Lo performed at the 2014 opening game. So while not as many people will be seeing them worldwide, a lot of people will still be watching the Super Bowl halftime show.

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