Jay Mohr LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 05: Actor/comedian Jay Mohr hosts the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards at Wynn Las Vegas on December 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Actor and comedian Jay Mohr has been hosting shows for Fox Sports Radio since December 2012, and hosting afternoon (3-6 p.m. Eastern) shows since October 2014, but that time has come to an end. Some listeners noticed that Mohr hasn’t been on the FSR air recently, and now Jason Barrett writes at Sports Radio PD that Mohr and Premiere Networks are parting ways. The statement from Mohr Barrett quotes makes it sound like he wants to get out of the daily radio grind:

“I’ve always loved radio, and having a national platform to share my brand of sports talk and comedy was an incredible experience. I loved interacting with the fans, athletes and sports figures over the past three years, but it’s become difficult to juggle the commitment of a three-hour weekday radio show with a film and TV career, stand-up comedy shows, as well as time with my family. It was a tough decision to leave radio, but I appreciate all the support from the team at FOX Sports Radio and Premiere Networks, as well as the listeners and fans.”

Mohr’s appeared in plenty of TV and movies over the years, and he recently revised his role as Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire for the NFL Network’s extended A Football Life trailers about characters from the movies. He hasn’t been in as much lately, though, with only two credits in 2016 as per IMDB (an episode of BoJack Horseman and two episodes of The 7D), so it’s quite conceivable that he did initiate this move in order to try and make time to do more acting and standup. He also has his own podcast, so he isn’t leaving the audio realm entirely, and doing a three-hour show for over four years can be a grind.

As for what comes next, Barrett also writes that his sources say Fox Sports Radio will announce a replacement sports talk show with a “name talent” soon. Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox are filling in in the interim, but it will be interesting to keep an eye on that. This is a good slot on a pretty prominent national radio network, and it will be worth watching to see who winds up in it.

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