A great defensive play from Iowa's Caitlin Clark led to a hilariously accidental -- and correct -- call from Gus Johnson. Photo Credit: Fox Photo Credit: Fox

Gus Johnson called Saturday night’s women’s basketball game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Maryland Terrapins. During the broadcast, a great play from Iowa star Caitlin Clark led to a great call from Johnson — even if it wasn’t exactly the one he wanted to make.

Early in the game, Maryland guard Brinae Alexander received a pass in the low post. Clark, who was guarding Alexander, prevented Alexander from catching the ball cleanly, but the Terrapin guard controlled the ball after one bounce and quickly pivoted toward the hoop and went up for a shot. Clark recovered, though, and blocked the shot, creating a turnover. It was a great defensive play from Clark and led to a memorable and funny call from Johnson.

“No call on the play, as Brinae Alexander had her shit blocked,” Johnson said. “Her shot blocked, excuse me.”

Even if that’s not exactly what Johnson was trying to say, his original call was spot on. A lot of the game’s viewers enjoyed hearing Johnson’s accidentally blunt call.

Johnson’s job is to call the game as he sees it. It’s tough to argue that he did anything but that in his call of this play.

[Video Credit: Twitter/X user @kinnick519, Photo Credit: Fox]

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