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Greg Olsen recently made the jump from playing tight end in the NFL to being a full-time broadcaster at Fox but still has a soft spot for the fact that a fellow tight end like Travis Kelce got a celebrity girlfriend like Taylor Swift rather than the typical hunky star quarterback.

Recapping his experience covering the Swiftie Bowl in Kansas City last weekend on the Calm Down podcast with Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, Olsen explained the pride he feels watching Kelce do the thing.

“Obviously I know Kelce well, he’s a buddy of mine, a fellow tight end,” Olsen said, “but there’s something really cool that it’s not like the star quarterback. Kelce’s just like a dude. He’s just like an everyman’s dude.”

It’s hard to deny. The big-boy bruiser tight end doesn’t usually get much love in the NFL. Now of course Kelce was already quite famous before this, but even for him, dating perhaps the biggest pop star in the world is uncharted territory.

“A regular dude, a guy in the locker room you want to have a beer with, you want to shoot the **** with, you want to hang with, that’s Kelce,” Olsen explained. “There’s a…normal dude, normal bro vibe to it that I think is also part of the appeal.”

In the past, players like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez have been in the headlines for celebrity girlfriends, but rarely a position player, let alone a tight end.

As a 14-year NFL veteran at tight end, Olsen understandably wants some more representation for the big boys lining up at H-back.

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