Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt

The drama happening behind the scenes regarding NFL analyst Greg Olsen and the presumed ascension of Tom Brady into his seat had led to a lot of focus on how Olsen performs during Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVII. In the first half, at least, the former NFL tight end appears to be living up to the hype in the minds of many viewers.

As the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have traded touchdowns in the first half, Olsen has provided some even-handed and smart analysis, breaking down what happened on the field while also adding some insight that viewers might not be aware of.

That’s been a hallmark for Olsen throughout his first season as part of Fox’s A-team alongside Kevin Burkhardt. And the reactions from around the NFL media world and viewership seem to think he’s the right person for the job, even if Brady is lurking off in the future to potentially take it from him.

Brady recently said that he will join Fox’s broadcasting booth in 2024, though that remains to be seen. In the meantime, Olsen gets at least one more year with Burkhardt and all signs point to him making it extremely hard for Fox to replace him with an unproven Tom Brady who has yet to show any signs that he can measure up.

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