Greg Olsen. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports After two years as the top analyst, Greg Olsen will be Fox’s No. 2 color commentator, working with Joe Davis during the 2024 NFL season. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With Tom Brady taking over as Fox’s No. 1 NFL analyst, Greg Olsen will be moving into a new role. Olsen will also have a new partner — albeit one he has some experience with.

Brady and Olsen’s now former partner — Kevin Burkhardt — will be Fox’s No. 1 team. With that, Olsen will be the No. 2 color commentator for Fox. His partner will be Joe Davis.

“Fox Sports has cemented the obvious pairing of Olsen with Joe Davis on the network’s No. 2 NFL announcing team, sources told The Post,” Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reported.

“Olsen and Davis have worked together in the past when Burkhardt was out for Fox MLB postseason hosting responsibilities,” Glasspiegel added.

Olsen has been part of Fox’s NFL coverage since even before retiring as a player, as he’d sometimes work as a commentator during bye weeks. Following the 2020 season, Olsen retired as a player. In 2021, he became a full-time commentator and worked on Fox’s No. 2 team with Burkhardt.

After the 2021 season, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, long Fox’s No. 1 team, moved to ESPN and became Monday Night Football‘s announcers. With that, Burkhardt and Olsen assumed Fox’s top role in 2022. That included broadcasting the Kansas City Chiefs victory in Super Bowl LVII over the Philadelphia Eagles.


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