Greg Olsen & Kevin Burkhardt

Fox’s Greg Olsen is two weeks away from calling his first, and possibly only, Super Bowl for the network. However, if the reaction from NFL viewers on Sunday during the Philadelphia Eagles’ NFC Championship Game victory over the San Francisco 49ers was any indication, they’d like to hear a lot more from him in the future in games that matter.

Last weekend, CBS analyst Tony Romo fell out of favor with audiences who have grown tired of the way he calls games. This weekend, however, it seemed like much of the announcer discussion revolved around all of the ways Olsen enriched the broadcast rather than detracted from it.

Viewers and NFL folks shared their thoughts on Olsen’s commentary during and after the game, citing his ability to break down plays, explain situational football, and provide player insight in a way that feels refreshing.

Fox has created a pretty curious situation for itself. They’re shelling out an insane amount of money for Tom Brady to replace Olsen in the No. 1 booth as soon as he retires, though there’s a pretty strong contingent of NFL viewers and media members who don’t see the appeal beyond his name. And the notion that Brady could possibly be any kind of upgrade to Olsen seems laughable, especially now.

Olsen, for his part, hasn’t been shy about sharing his frustrations over the situation, though he’s making the best of it. There’s certainly a decent chance that Brady never actually makes it into the booth, but if he does, all signs point to Olsen being a pretty hot commodity when his Fox deal is up. As of right now, he appears to be evolving into the commentator that we thought Tony Romo was going to become.

Things sure do change in a hurry in the NFL broadcasting world these days.

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