NFL games never waste opportunities to throw to a TV timeout. That’s the entire business model that helps prop up both the league and the networks that televise the sport, and it leads to a choreographed dance with a rep on the field giving the okay to resume play when the network is back from a break.

Today, that process failed during the main Fox late afternoon game between the Giants and the Cowboys, leading to a missed Giants touchdown.

Viewers were probably surprised to come back from a commercial break with the Giants having already punched a short score into the end zone, and not just because Mike Glennon was playing QB.

Joe Buck seemed somewhat surprised, too, noting that the play happened quickly and seemed to catch everyone by surprise, including the broadcast and the Cowboys.

Skip Bayless or whoever tweets for him on Sunday afternoon suggested the play shouldn’t have counted:

It’s been kind of a tough day for Fox, which drew criticism earlier for taking viewers away from the end of the Packers-Bengals overtime contest in order to show…commercials ahead of the Cowboys-Giants game.

Not great!

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