German Chiefs doing the chop

Showing Kansas City Chiefs fans doing the Tomahawk Chop is already something that feels out of step with modern times. Showing German Chiefs fans doing the Tomahawk Chop adds a layer that makes things uncomfortable in a way that’s almost hard to describe. Still, Fox showed just that during their Super Bowl LVII broadcast.

As Fox returned from a commercial during the second half of the Super Bowl battle between the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, the network showed fans in various parts of the world cheering on their favorite NFL teams. Eventually, they arrived in Munich, Germany where Chiefs fans were seen doing The Chop while watching the game.

Native American groups in America have been protesting the use of The Chop, and the franchise’s name itself, as American sports fans have grappled in recent years with professional teams that use words and iconography considered, at best, out of touch, and at worst, racist. There’s been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about whether or not the franchise will move on from its moniker and traditions, much like the Cleveland Guardians and Washington Commanders did.

So there’s already a cringe factor that comes with seeing groups of Chiefs fans, often predominantly made up of white people, doing The Chop. But when you incorporate Germans, and that country’s, um, history, well, it creates a visual that rubbed a lot of NFL viewers the wrong way.

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