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Viewers of FS1’s Saturday broadcast of the game between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers got a bit more silence than they might have been expecting.

Alex Faust and Eric Karros were on the call for the game. That is, until right before the first pitch when things got glitchy and they suddenly disappeared from the broadcast, leaving audiences to enjoy some Def Leppard blaring from the stadium speakers.

Audiences got to watch the game without announcing for about 10 minutes until Faust and Karros returned during the top of the first, but their return was brief and they disappeared once more.

A few minutes later, studio host Kevin Burkhardt told audiences that the “mic’s out at Dodgers Stadium.” He and Dontrelle Willis then provided commentary from the studio “til we get that all fixed up.”

Finally, a little over an hour after the game began in the third inning, Faust and Karros returned to the call.

“Well, we’re back in Dodgers Stadium, or should I say welcome to Dodgers Stadium, because we never really said hello in the first place here,” said Faust. “We’re here!”

Alas, the audio dropped once more in the top of the 6th, leaving Starling Marte to hit a go-ahead home run that had to speak for itself.

They did return soon after, with Faust lamenting the fact that no one got to hear his great home run call.

The incident was reminiscent of a similar issue that FS1 had during their April 1 broadcast of the Texas Rangers-Tampa Bay Rays game. During that game, the broadcast experienced a series of glitches, including the announcers’ audio disappearing for stretches, no replays, no scorebug, commercial breaks interrupting the action, and only having one camera angle. Coincidentally, Faust was on the call that evening as well.

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