In broadcasting, technical difficulties happen. That’s especially true when you’re live. At least when issues arise while broadcasting live, there’s an understanding that things happen and everyone is doing their best to fix it as soon as possible.

However, when this kind of thing happens on a 25-year-old broadcast, the result can be much worse.

That’s what happened with FS1 on Saturday morning as they were airing the 1995 Racing Champions 200 NASCAR Truck race. As the trucks were about to begin the second half of the race, the audio and video went out of sync. The audio kept going and stayed that way throughout but the video reset to the beginning of the broadcast, which remained out of sync for the final hour of the two-hour showing.

The original broadcast can be found on YouTube and there were no audio/video issues, so this appears to have been an FS1 problem. It also would’ve been strange for FS1 to choose a race broadcast that had known technical difficulties for half the race, so whatever happened had to have been on FS1’s end.

Those watching noticed and mentioned the discrepancy on social media but it was to no avail. The issue was never fixed and, while the audio ended perfectly, the video cut in the middle of a driver interview during the halfway break.

This same race will be shown Saturday night at 11:30 ET on FS2. It’ll be interesting to see if the issue is fixed. Having problems on a 25-year-old broadcast is bad enough but broadcasting the same mistake 12 hours later would be a whole other level of bad.

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