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FS1 is canceling its long-running daily show NASCAR Race Hub, surprising industry insiders and fans who’ve come to love the program. reported Fox Sports informed employees Wednesday that the final episode will air June 11.

The show covered all the bases for NASCAR fans, from highlights of the most recent race, analysis from drivers and crew chiefs, previews of upcoming action, interviews with stars past and present, and special features such as this 2023 special on some of NASCAR’s greatest rivalries.

NASCAR Race Hub debuted on Speed Channel in 2009, but moved to its present home on FS1 in 2013. It was the only show from FS1’s 2013 launch remaining on the channel.

Longtime NASCAR reporter, announcer and executive Doug Rice of PRN noted, “So NASCAR Race Hub is shutting down, that is awful. I try not to criticize other media but I despise this decision. Great show with an awesome cast. Well there goes 6pm on weekdays.”

Others were just as surprised and/or puzzled by FS1’s sudden move.

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