It can be a bit dangerous announcing a basketball game. Unlike football or baseball announcers, who are up top in the broadcasting booth, basketball announcers are down in the trenches at courtside and they may have to deal with unexpected objects like a basketball flying toward them.

Vince Welch, who usually works for Fox as a NASCAR pit reporter and play-by-play announcer, was doing play-by-play for Friday night’s Butler-Creighton game. Late in the game, a hard fought ball flew right into Welch’s face and knocked his headset off.

Broadcasting partner Tarik Turner did a great job instinctively filling in for Welch to avoid any dead air. Welch quickly got his headset back on, cracked a joke about it and got back to work because he’s a pro. And it’s a lot safer to get hit with something at a basketball game than at a race.


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