Scorebug on NFL RedZone

Last year, NFL RedZone viewers were treated to the annoyance of not being able to view the full scorebug on Fox broadcasts, presumably in an attempt to discourage people from watching games there instead of on their stations. It looks like they’re back at it again in 2022. 

Just as with last season, viewers watching NFL RedZone had a hard time noting the overall clock, play clock, and down and distance information on the Fox bug. Interestingly, some noted that the information was visible at one point but then Fox dropped the bug just enough that it got cut off.

As with last year, RedZone has implemented a scorebug of its own to ensure that viewers can get all the information they need, though it appears to come and go depending on the game and network that is broadcasting.

The big question is how often Fox will end up doing this. Is it a tactic meant to protect certain games or is this just going to become a standard issue for their games moving forward? And might we see CBS follow suit at some point? And will the NFL try to intercede at some point to smooth things over?

Whatever may happen in the future, the annoyance created by the bug placement is certainly impacting RedZone viewers, many of whom seem to be blaming RedZone for the issue. Whether or not that compels them to change the channel to Fox, that’s another story.

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