Jason McIntyre on The Herd

Fox Sports Radio’s Jason McIntyre, who co-hosts The Herd, offered an ignorant assessment of Chicago Wednesday afternoon, comparing the American city to Afghanistan.

McIntyre’s comment came after he asked the show’s lead host, Colin Cowherd, to list the top three cities he would like to live in right now. As shared by the Twitter account @BackAftaThis, Cowherd immediately said Chicago is “unbelievable,” citing the luxury of having nice beaches that border Lake Michigan. Cowherd’s praise, however, prompted McIntyre to quickly put the city on blast.

“Chicago?!” an absolutely stunned McIntyre asked. “It’s like a war zone right now! It’s like Afghanistan. Are you kidding me?!”

Yes, this narrative was spread on Fox Sports and Fox Sports Radio, not Fox News. Cowherd attempted to be the voice of reason by quickly rejecting McIntyre’s Chicago slander. “No, it’s not,” Cowherd said, scoffing at McIntyre’s assessment. “No, Chicago’s great.”

One host thinks Chicago is one of the greatest cities in America to live in, the other says it rivals Afghanistan. McIntyre is likely referring to portrayed narratives that Chicago’s gun violence makes the city more dangerous for young adults and minority men than it is for soldiers in Afghanistan. But not only is it irresponsible to loosely compare Chicago to what was recently classified as a Third-World country, but McIntyre’s attempted humor was also insulting to the military members who fought the War in Afghanistan.

Shortly after, McIntyre briefly referenced his Chicago take again, noting the city probably hates the show “after my comments about 20 minutes ago,” but he didn’t directly address what was said.

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