After a rather inauspicious debut, the WWE 24/7 Championship has seen some of the more entertaining moments on WWE television over the past few months. I’m still not sure what the appeal is of winning a championship that requires you to be paranoid everyone is after you all the time but people like R-Truth and Drake Maverick have really made the 24/7 Championship so wonderful by creating entertaining and hilarious situations to win or lose the title.

If you’re not aware of how the 24/7 Championship works. It’s a title that can be won anywhere and everywhere by anyone as long as a WWE referee can make the count. The title has changed hands on a golf course, an airport tarmac, aboard an airplane, Maverick’s wedding, Maverick’s honeymoon hotel room, and in a (totally real) OB/GYN office.

By the time SmackDown ended Tuesday, Elias had the 24/7 Championship and as he performed at Fox’s Founders Day picnic Friday, Elias was proudly wearing the title around his waist. That was until Maverick interrupted and R-Truth rolled up Elias for the win. R-Truth successfully evaded Maverick by tossing him into a dunk tank.

With his 13th reign as 24/7 Champion, R-Truth was looking for somewhere to hide out and thought he found that on the set of Fox College Football. Truth got to talking with the Kickoff crew and accidentally tripped backwards. Sensing his moment, and following some heelish instincts, host Rob Stone covered Truth, the ref counted to three and Stone won the 24/7 Championship. Stone became the first non-WWE Superstar to win the title and the first Men in Blazers Golden Blazer recipient to win a WWE championship.

The reign would last about 20 seconds as Elias rolled up Stone from behind to regain the title he had when he arrived at Fox Sports yesterday.

All in all, this was a pretty cool sequence of events. SmackDown is going to be on Fox in October and this helps promote the switch without making that the main point. Fox gets to promote some of their properties on WWE’s social media channels. In addition, and this is something I have wanted to see since the start, Stone winning the 24/7 Championship shows that non-WWE Superstars can win the title. That helps add a bit of realism in that literally anyone can win the 24/7 Championship. Even, theoretically, myself if I were to find a referee and pin the champ.

Note to Rob Stone and Fox Sports: The next time I turn on FS1 and see Rob on-screen and don’t see “Former WWE 24/7 Champion” underneath his name in the intro, I will be disappointed.

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