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Update: The interview is now off

After a week of back and forth, the traditional Super Bowl Sunday interview with the sitting US President appears to be back on.

Per a statement from Fox, Fox Soul will conduct the pregame interview with President Biden on Super Bowl Sunday.

“After the White House reached out to Fox Soul Thursday evening, there was some initial confusion. Fox Soul looks forward to interviewing the President for Super Bowl Sunday.”

The White House has not confirmed the interview.

The personality conducting the interview has yet to be announced.

So, what is Fox Soul? The company described itself as such on its website.

FOX SOUL is a new live and interactive streaming channel dedicated to the African American viewer. The programs aim to celebrate black culture and deal with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community through frank and insightful dialogue with local and national influencers.

Fox Soul content is available on its website, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other streaming platforms.

This is a nice, totally unexpected, bump for Fox Soul. For Fox, I doubt this was their desired outcome, but the network would rather have something than nothing.

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