We’ve known for a while that the Trump campaign would be buying Super Bowl ad time on Fox. More recently, the Bloomberg campaign signaled it would do the same.

While the viability or value of such an approach for a presidential campaign spot isn’t clear, what was clear was that some other advertisers didn’t want their spots to be airing directly before or after a political ad. Fox has reportedly decided on an appeasement effort. According to Jeanine Poggi at Ad Age, Fox will air the ads in insulated from other paid spots; instead, Fox promos will fill the breaks during which the campaign ads run.

From Ad Age:

Fox is isolating President Donald Trump’s and Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl commercials so other Big Game advertisers won’t appear in the same commercial breaks as the politicians, according to sources. Instead, Fox will air promos for its own programming alongside these commercials.

“Fox confirmed with us, before our clients raised any concerns, that the Bloomberg and Trump political ads are isolated from advertisers in anticipation of any issues a brand may have being adjacent and within the same pod,” says a person familiar with conversations. “This means those longer-form ads would be in the same breaks with promo time or non-paid commercial time.”

A Fox spokeswoman did not return requests to comment.

As Ad Age also notes, Trump’s spot will likely appear early in the broadcast, with Bloomberg’s slated for halftime.

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