For the past few years, Fox has opted to go with a rudimentary scorebug across all of its core sports properties, as seen below.

Some loved the simplicity of this. Others hated it. For me, I’d see high school football games on streaming services with similar scorebugs and wonder if Fox had gone a bit too basic.

During the past Super Bowl, Fox debuted a new look that moved away from the standard long bar.

Oh yeah. That’s nice. Fox then doubled down on that look for the XFL.

Today, Fox rolled out a similar scorebug for college football with a small tweak: using text instead of any logos.

With this new iteration of the scorebug now spanning the NFL, the currently on-hiatus XFL, and now college football, you’d imagine we’ll see it debut for college basketball as well.

Scorebugs are always subjective but for me this is a major upgrade. Some like scorebugs in the top left, others prefer bars on the bottom over centered rectangles. For me, I think the last version was just too plain. Like ordering straight cheese pizza at Italian restaurant with a glass of milk. Do you like the change? Whose football scorebug would you consider the best?

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