A year ago, Fox opened up sales for Super Bowl LVII ads. At the time, it was reported that Fox would be looking for a record-high price of up to $6.5 million, but that reportedly hasn’t scared off buyers.

Per the Sports Business Journal, Fox’s ad inventory is “about 95% sold” and that “an undetermined number” of the ads have gone for over $7 million. Around this time¬†a year ago, NBC’s inventory was almost completely depleted, so the early run on Fox’s ad slots isn’t unusual. A week before the game, NBC sold out of their remaining inventory, with some of the slots crossing the $7 million mark.

Per SBJ, many of the buyers are returnees, though some new ones are joining the fray. Beer (since AB-Inbev dropped exclusivity earlier this year) seems to be a popular category (MolsonCoors tweeted that they had invested in ad space), along with streaming companies and Hollywood studios (to the shock of no one).

Once again, all I ask is that the ads don’t suck.

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