Fox ran Custom Note Text Here during Bears-Bengals.

The world isn’t paying much attention to the 3-9 Chicago Bears’ game against the 5-7 Cincinnati Bengals Sunday, and some of those responsible for the Fox on-broadcast graphics may have followed suit. First, there’s the always-fun “custom note text here” placeholder:

Or, how about running stats about the “Packers’ offense” when the Bears had the ball, and imposing that over a shot of Chicago head coach John Fox?

Yeah, mixing up the Bears and the Packers probably isn’t the best move. But hey, at least this isn’t on a game that many are actually watching; it’s only being shown in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and parts of Ohio (plus tiny parts of a few other states). And maybe “insert custom text here” is actually the best thing anyone can think to say about Bears-Bengals. At least no one put Mitch Trubisky on the Browns this time.

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