Landon Donovan Photo Credit: Fox Sports Many soccer fans blasted Landon Donovan’s work on the Germany vs. Scotland Euro 24 match.

U.S. soccer legend Landon Donovan hasn’t been as popular in his second career as a broadcaster. The Fox Sports analyst’s laid-back style—which many have called “boring” —is best described as an acquired taste.

And many fans haven’t acquired that taste. Soccer fans flooded social media Friday afternoon with complaints about Donovan’s work on Fox’s coverage of the Germany vs. Scotland Euro 24 match.

We’ve heard all these complaints before, and the same key words about Donovan’s analyst work keep surfacing: “Boring.” “Lifeless.” “No enthusiasm.”

Donovan’s been working as an announcer for 10 years now, long enough that he is what he is at this point. That’s not enough for many fans.

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