Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson discussing Tom Brady's upcoming broadcasting career. Photo Credit: The Tonight Show on NBC

There has been plenty of discourse over the past few months about whether or not Tom Brady will be successful in his broadcasting venture with Fox.

One of his Fox colleagues, Erin Andrews, offered her input on Brady’s game-calling future during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During Andrew’s and podcast co-host Charissa Thompson’s appearance, Fallon asked how they believe Brady will do in his first year as a broadcaster.

“His resume supports that he is great at everything he does,” said Thompson. “So why would this be any different.”

Andrews, who will work on Fox’s top team alongside Brady, backed this up by telling a story about going to lunch with the NFL legend. The future Hall of Famer quarterback told her numerous interesting stories, an ability that she believes will translate quite well to the national audience.

“I’ve sat with him at lunch before and he’s been telling stories about his career,” said Andrews. “And it’s stuff we just die for. Love the inside information. And you are just hearing stuff that you’ve just always wanted to know.”

The stories that Brady will be able to tell from his career should lend themselves to interesting conversations in the broadcast booth. Not to mention that the former quarterback knows how to play the game better than just about anyone.

It will be more of the nuanced skills in broadcasting like timing and properly breaking down his knowledge for viewers that will ultimately determine whether his broadcasting career is a success or failure.

Brady also has something else going for him, according to Andrews.

“Everybody’s worried about the commentating. I’m just like, ‘The guy’s skin. I have to deal with this, him being on my crew.’ I know because we talk about it a lot on our podcast,” she said.

The tools are certainly there for Brady to become an excellent on-air personality for Fox. But only time will tell whether it translates when it comes time for him to call NFL games.

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