Doug Gottlieb and Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless claims no one at Fox had a problem with his Damar Hamlin tweet, but there appears to be at least three Fox employees who took issue with it.

When the entire world recognized the NFL’s need to postpone Monday Night Football after Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field, Bayless insensitively wondered how the league could logistically do that considering the playoff implications carried by the matchup. In the days following the tweet, Bayless dug his heels in and responded to being painted as a villain by doubling down on his post.

Tuesday morning, Bayless admitted a boss at Fox suggested he offer a clarification of the controversial tweet. Wednesday morning, Shannon Sharpe asked Bayless to delete the tweet during their FS1 debate show Undisputed, a request that rankled the hot take artist. Despite the apparent angst over his tweet, Bayless made the shocking claim that no one at the network had an issue with what he posted, which set off Doug Gottlieb, another Fox Sports employee.

“In what world does he think no one had a problem with it when the person sitting across the desk from him clearly had a problem with it,” Gottlieb said on his podcast In the Bonus.

“I’ve reached the ‘I don’t give a f*ck moment’ of my time here at Fox Sports Radio,” Gottlieb later added while informing the audience that Skip’s “camp” Twitter searches his name on a daily basis.

According to Gottlieb, during a previous episode of his Fox Sports Radio, he played sound of Bayless claiming the Golden State Warriors would be better without Kevin Durant. Gottlieb pushed back on the narrative and the audio was clipped by Fox Sports Radio for a social media post.

“So people (at Fox Sports) search Twitter for Skip and they see ‘Gottlieb’s talking shit about Skip. You need to take this down,'” Gottlieb said, adding that his commentary was about the narrative, not Bayless. “So I asked ‘Why are we so protective of Skip Bayless?’ He’s made this portion of his career based upon his opinions and I vehemently disagree with that opinion, but I didn’t even say his name! I said the idiocy of this narrative.

“So this is me calling bullshit on the ‘no one had a problem (with the tweet)’ are you f*cking kidding me?” Gottlieb ranted. “Get the f*ck out of here.”

If Fox whined about Gottlieb pushing back on Skip’s opinion of the Golden State Warriors, it will be interesting to see how they respond to the radio host calling ‘bullsh*t’ on Bayless for claiming no one at Fox had an issue with his tweet. Even though it was indeed a bullsh*t claim by Bayless.

[In the Bonus with Doug Gottlieb]

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