Animals and live television are always a tricky combination. When animals are on late-night shows, you always feel a sense of terror from the host.

In the case of Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time — which was live on FS1 on Friday afternoon from Houston — there wasn’t terror as much as there was urine. All four people on the show’s panel were holding a dog, and Nick Wright picked a dog that apparently had yet to find the proper tree to lift its leg on.

Here’s video of the hilarious scene:

Welp. We truthfully don’t know why dogs were on the program (probably just because it’s always great to have dogs around), but sometimes it’s better to not have context and to just see a dog pissing on live television.

And kudos to Katie Nolan for recognizing that this dog is still a good boy.

Update: Okay, so we totally missed that this was simply the dog knocking over a coffee mug (at the very beginning of the video), and not the dog urinating.

[FS1; Austin O’Neil on Clippit]

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