Dick Stockton is a legendary announcer and has called some of the biggest games in sports for over forty years. But he’s also had a few announcing bloopers over the years as well. Remember when he called Derrick Rose “David” when he won the MVP?

On Sunday during the Jaguars-Rams game, we were treated to one of the funnier blooper-reel moments we’ve seen at Awful Announcing. Stockton was reading a promo for the upcoming show and said verbatim “look on graphic for the final two bullet points.” My guess is that was just a suggested outline and not what he was actually supposed to say.

You may have never thought we’d see this famous movie moment come to life, but yes, that was Dick Stockton pulling a Ron Burgundy. I always figured it’d be Terry Bradshaw who would do it first.

How many times do I have to tell you, Dick Stockton will read anything on that teleprompter!