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Plenty of reporters, hosts and other TV personalities use their network name in their Twitter handle, but that can lead to some awkwardness when changing jobs, especially if you don’t officially have a new job yet. Dan O’Toole certainly knows that. O’Toole used to be @tsnotoole on Twitter while he was in Canada, then changed his handle to @fs1otoole when he came to Fox Sports in 2013. With the news that Fox had declined to renew the contracts of himself and Fox Sports Live co-host Jay Onrait, though, O’Toole had to make another account change, and as he hasn’t officially secured a landing spot yet (the hot rumor is that he and Onrait will return to Canada, likely with their old network of TSN, but other possibilities remain out there), he chose to go a different way:

Of course, this prompted a whole stream of jokes about famed Canadian (but based on an American movie) TV series The Littlest Hobo:

Meanwhile, O’Toole’s long-time co-host Onrait hasn’t had to make a similar move, as his Twitter’s always been the network-identity-lacking But he did miss out on all these jokes as a result. And O’Toole has frequently been killing it with his single tweet a day this year. Here are some of the highlights:

Despite that resume, we imagine O’Toole and Onrait will find new gigs soon, especially as there’s much of a country clamoring for their return. So get ready for another O’Toole account name change. (If HBO wants to hire him, though, he’d only need to change one letter. Just saying…)

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