Cris Collinsworth Credit: Up and Adams

With less than two months until the 2024 NFL season gets underway, one of the biggest stories to follow is Tom Brady’s transition into broadcasting.

The seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback had plenty of success on the field throughout his career, but will it follow him to the broadcast booth?

Longtime Sunday Night Football analyst and former player Cris Collinsworth thinks so. As he told Kay Adams this week on Up and Adams, he’s even given Brady some advice.

Collinsworth first noted that Brady should have called him for advice before Netflix’s roast of the three-time NFL MVP.

“I would have told him to stay away from it. What was that all about, man? Holy cow. He got bombarded,” Collinsworth said before getting into the broadcasting advice he gave Brady.

“Tom’s a great guy. He’s going to be great. Our whole life we’ve been wondering what Tom Brady was thinking when he got to the line and now we’re going to hear it. He’s studying hard, he’s done a thousand different practice games. I was like, ‘Tom, just be you. People know who you are, just be you. Go on there and talk about football and have some fun,” Collinsworth added.

Brady will debut on Fox for Week 1’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys.

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