According to a Sunday report from The Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspiegel, FS1 host and Hall of Fame NFL receiver Cris Carter is currently suspended from his duties on morning debate program First Things First alongside Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe.

Per Glasspiegel, Carter’s suspension began this week, and will continue as Fox conducts an investigation into whatever allegation or incident led to the suspension. From The Big Lead:

Cris Carter is suspended from First Things First, two sources told The Big Lead. One source said he is sidelined pending the results of a Fox investigation. Carter was off the FS1 morning program on Thursday and Friday. The nature of the investigation is unclear. Also unclear is if or when Carter will return to the show.


Carter’s agent and a Fox Sports spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Obviously details remain scarce, though more is sure to emerge.

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