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Former WFAN personality turned national FS1 TV host Craig Carton made the decision back in June to step away from WFAN to focus solely on The Craig Carton Show for Fox. And he recently spoke about how he came to this decision during an upcoming appearance on the Awful Announcing podcast. 

Carton first launched his FS1 show last fall, but continued his role at WFAN until June when he accepted a lucrative seven-figure contract to work solely with Fox Sports.

Working both at FS1 and WFAN is obviously a strenuous workload for anyone, and Carton detailed to AA’s Brandon Contes that this move was ultimately best to give him more time to spend with his family.

“I took the better part of nine months without a contract to figure out what I wanted to do. Very very lucky that both WFAN and Fox were respectful of that. It wasn’t an easy decision. It was a difficult decision that had much more to do with quality of life and the ability to be home with my kids than anything else.

He then spoke about the respect and admiration he holds for his former workplace at WFAN, adding that he sees the radio station as “hollowed ground.”

“It was the easiest decision because at WFAN, I consider that to be hallowed ground. It took me the better part of nine months to ultimately figure out what was not best for me, but really for my family.”

Carton has been a sought-after commodity in the sports media landscape for quite some time. Carton also spoke about he even nearly replaced Howard Stern back in 2005, someone he calls a “radio idol.”

“It was almost a done deal,” Carton added. “I was working at a radio station in New Jersey, and they kind of put up a roadblock. I had gotten permission to talk to CBS about the job. In the 11th hour when the job was being offered to me, they let me know that they weren’t going to let me out of my contract.”

Carton’s career obviously would have gone in an entirely different direction if he had gotten the gig to replace Howard Stern after Stern’s departure to Sirius XM. But it is pretty safe to say that Carton has done very well for himself in his own right, and now has his ideal landing spot for himself and his family at Fox.

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