Colin Cowherd’s track record of correctly predicting or judging a sports result isn’t great, but that’s OK, because he won’t hesitate to flip-flop.

During his Tuesday The Herd show on FS1 and Fox Sports Radio, Cowherd preached the value of changing your opinion. Adapt or die, right?

“The definition of dumb on the internet is ‘guy complaining about people changing your opinion.’ You should change your opinion regularly if new information comes in,” Cowherd proclaimed. “That’s what doctors do, what pilots do, what surgeons do, what GMs do, what coaches do.”

It’s also what radio hosts do, with Cowherd being a perfect example of that. He’s right, surgeons and pilots have to adapt, especially in life or death situations. But they’re not boasting sports gambling picks, predictions and insight.

Throughout his career, Cowherd has made bold and brash opinions, and throughout his career, he’s shown a willingness to completely renege when they go awry. His newfound love of Draymond Green is a perfect example of that. So was his desire to get on the Mac Jones bandwagon last season and his eagerness to jump off the Drew Lock train after calling him a dark-horse MVP candidate. Or how about the time he repeatedly predicted the Baltimore Ravens to go 16-0 during the 2020 season, but when they lost five games, Cowherd claimed he never really bought into his own undefeated prediction. (Compare that to what he described as his “worst football take ever,” his 2019 assertion the Cleveland Browns would pass the Ravens in the AFC North.)

“The idea that you don’t change your opinion is counterintuitive to intelligence,” Cowherd continued. “You don’t have all the answers and things are changing and fluid all the time.”

Cowherd’s not alone: the only sports radio hosts who don’t miss on their predictions are the ones who don’t make any. But the one prediction you can guarantee Cowherd will be right about is the admission that he will change his opinion.

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