Colin Cowherd discussing Tom Brady comeback rumors

One month after Tom Brady broke the news of a 2024 start date at Fox to Colin Cowherd, the radio host says he heard we might have to wait even longer.

Tom Brady has been retired from the NFL for 35 days. That’s five days less than his first retirement. But almost on cue, rumors are spiraling about a second comeback, with the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers being reported as potential destinations.

Last month, shortly after announcing his retirement, Brady joined Colin Cowherd’s Fox Sports Radio show and revealed he agreed to a fall 2024 start date for his broadcasting career as the lead NFL analyst for Fox. Now, as rumors of a second comeback gain steam, Cowherd claims he heard Brady might not be a broadcaster any time soon.

“Somebody I trust, outside of this building at Fox, told me a couple of weeks ago,” Cowherd noted on his Tuesday afternoon radio show. “They said, ‘I don’t think Brady’s gonna be a broadcaster any time soon. I think he wants to play!’ And so Brady set records last year, a couple of different records. I think it was attempts and completions, at 45 years old…Brady can still sling it.”

“Remember when I asked Tom Brady, ‘Are you retired?’ I showed this clip last week,” Cowherd added. “He gave kind of a nebulous, fuzzy, not concrete answer. He didn’t stick the landing. And people that day, after the interview, said, ‘Oh I loved the Brady interview, but he kind of gave you a fuzzy answer on the retiring thing.’ I went back and watched it and thought, ‘Yeah, it was kinda fuzzy!’”

During the interview last month, Cowherd asked Brady if there was even a “one percent chance” that he would come back to the NFL. Brady responded with a long-winded answer, stating he knows what’s in his heart and he’s excited for what’s ahead, while also noting the future is hard to predict and you just take it day by day. As Cowherd explained in the above clip, Brady failed to give any sort of definitive answer about his future.

The most definitive thing Brady stated about his future during the interview was that he would begin his broadcasting career in 2024, citing his desire to “take some time to really learn, become great.” But did Brady schedule his gap year to prepare for the booth? Or did Brady schedule his gap year because he wasn’t sure he was finished playing? And if he’s not done playing, then there’s no guarantee he’s going to retire in time to be at Fox in 2024, which will only add more skepticism about whether he’s ever going to wind up in the booth.

Brady did chime in on this on Twitter, though:

Personally, I’m here for as many years of asking Greg Olsen to discuss Tom Brady’s looming presence as we can get.

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