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In a span of 30 seconds on Friday, Colin Cowherd claimed his deep “love” for AC/DC before listing Scorpion’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane” as one of his favorite tracks by the beloved hard rock band.

“Van Halen and AC/DC is all I listen to,” The Herd¬†host proclaimed. “AC/DC’s Back in Black, Rock You Like a Hurricane, absolutely.”

On top of only naming one song by the classic band before misattributing Scorpion’s biggest hit, Cowherd absolutely insisted he was a big AC/DC fan.

“You were an AC/DC guy?” cohost Jason McIntyre probed.

“Oh, I loved them,” Cowherd responded instantly.

Cowherd went on to explain (jokingly) that his love of AC/DC came from growing up on the “tough streets.” Cowherd grew up in rural Washington.

Cowherd is always ready to go out on a limb about sports and even social issues. He makes head-scratching arguments and often has very troubling public memory lapses.

But he rarely opens up about his personal life. Maybe this is why. It seems like he can’t place exactly which songs were on shuffle for him in his early 20s.

The Fox Sports host also claimed in the segment that he loves Guns N’ Roses. It’s hard to imagine the mental gymnastics required to properly attribute their hit “Sweet Child of Mine” considering it’s actually a Dylan cover.

Many can’t remember the pop culture of their childhood. But in true Cowherd fashion, the moment is all the more perfect because he is completely baffled that his cohosts. How could they possibly hold a different perspective than what his faulty memory has produced?

“Who doesn’t listen to AC/DC?” Cowherd jeered defiantly.

Not Cowherd himself it seems.

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