Chad Johnson Jun 18, 2022; Miami, FL, USA; Chad Johnson shows a yellow card to a player from the opposite team in the second half during The Beautiful Game exhibition match at DRV PNK Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The FIFA World Cup is in Qatar this year whether we like it or not and Fox’s World Cup coverage, both studio and in-game, will take place in Doha and the rest of the country for the four week tournament. One analyst almost learned the hard way just how strict the law is in Qatar.

Chad Johnson is joining Fox as a contributing studio analyst and was recently in Qatar. Johnson revealed that he was reprimanded at the airport for something that may not be a big deal here but is in the Middle East. Showing a public display of affection.

Thankfully, all Johnson got was a warning but it’s certainly something to consider given there are other laws like that and he’ll be in Qatar for at least a month. We can debate how necessary some of those laws are but they’re there and it’s just best to not tempt fate and test them in their enforcing of those laws. It might be a good idea to maybe study the local laws as much as the soccer teams participating in the tournament.


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