Detroit Tigers outfielder JaCoby Jones came to bat during the team’s Spring Training game against the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, and Fox Sports Southeast announcers Chip Caray and Joe Simpson began talking about Jones making the transition from football to baseball.

Small problem: JaCoby Jones never played football, or at least not professionally.

Jacoby Jones, however, played in the NFL as a wide receiver and kick returner for the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans. You may remember Jacoby Jones from the 2012 Super Bowl champion Ravens.

JaCoby Jones and Jacoby Jones are two entirely different people.

And that made this two minutes of commentary from the Braves announcers — mainly Caray — quite awkward:

“Is he the Jacoby Jones who played for the Ravens?”

“Believe so.”

Nope. He most certainly is not.

“Wonder why nobody’s talking about him?”

“Unless there’s another Jacoby Jones.”

Yep, that’s what it is.

“Nope, different JaCoby Jones, my bad.”

It happens, but probably shouldn’t.

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