George Springer gets swallowed by a Masterpass ad.

This is our weekly look at the most popular — or in some cases our personal favorite — videos on Clippit over the past week. Clippit is an awesome app that allows us to quickly grab 30-second clips from several live TV broadcasts and share them on social media. 

This isn’t what George Springer’s face looks like

A Masterpass (Mastercard) ad was digitally-projected on the Dodger Stadium outfield wall for the Fox broadcast of Game 2 of the World Series, and it unfortunately cut off the head of Astros center fielder George Springer.

Speaking of ads on the Fox World Series broadcasts…

Fans were very annoyed by a YouTubeTV ad behind home plate during Game 1 that made the broadcast look like a YouTube video with the “play” button in the middle of the screen.

Tony Romo was very fun again on the Ravens-Dolphins Thursday night broadcast

Tony Romo continues to be very entertaining as a color commentator for CBS (the CBS Sports chairman even said that Romo has exceeded their expectations). When Baltimore’s C.J. Mosley returned this interception 63 yards for a touchdown, Romo yelled to his partner Jim Nantz, “He’s gonna score, Jim!”

Later, a cat was on the field, and Romo provided some excellent commentary.

Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen couldn’t believe that the Heat are making changes to their announcing duo

During a Heat-Spurs game on ESPN, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen criticized the Heat for breaking up the announcing duo of Tony Fiorentino and Eric Reid. It’s pretty unusual to hear this sort of commentary on a broadcast:

ESPN’s Kris Budden brought our her own turnover chains for the Miami-UNC game

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