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When scouting quarterbacks, NFL teams might judge size, accuracy, and pocket presence. But if Colin Cowherd was in charge, the most important aspects in scouting a quarterback would be, are they married and do they wear forward-facing hats?

“I like my pro athletes to be married to strong women,” Cowherd declared Thursday on his Fox Sports Radio show. “They call you out on their crap. I got into an argument with a friend not long ago, my wife told me right to my face, ‘be a man, Colin, don’t be passive-aggressive.’ She was right, I was wrong. Had I been single I would’ve become self-absorbed, pointing fingers.”

Cowherd’s reason for making this declaration is the fact that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently gave a tell-all interview on the The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. During the podcast, Rodgers claimed the psychedelic drug ayahuasca led him to have the “best season of my career.”

Cowherd, however, compared his yakking in college after drinking too much Captain Morgan to Rodgers’ use of a drug that has been featured as a method of healing in Central and South America for thousands of years. According to Cowherd, Rodgers doesn’t need psychedelic drugs, he just needs a wife, like all pro athletes do.

Kyrie Irving, ‘I’m not getting a vaxxed!’ I believe if Kyrie Irving was married, his wife would have said, ‘get to a damn pharmacy, you’re part of a team, get over yourself,’” Cowherd claimed. “James Harden, Aaron Rodgers – rich, getting older, single, no woman to hold you accountable. You look at those Super Bowls, a lot of married dudes…Kyler Murray this offseason, my takeaway on him, honestly, about two weeks ago, dude needs to get married. Get off the video games.”

“Who holds Aaron accountable?” Cowherd continued. “No owner in Green Bay to call him out on his crap, fake Hollywood friends aren’t gonna do it. Who holds him accountable?”

How does Rodgers get by during the regular season without being married? He won back-to-back NFL MVPs as he nears 40-years-old, without a wife. Why didn’t Derek Jeter need a strong spouse while he was captaining the New York Yankees to four World Series titles in five years?

Do a Google search and you’ll see that Aaron Rodgers left himself open to plenty of criticism over the last 24 hours, and certainly over the last 12 months. Focusing on his lack of a spouse was an odd play by Cowherd. And declaring that he likes all of his pro athletes to be “married to strong women,” was an even stranger play by the radio host, but again, this is a sports expert who repeatedly crushes quarterbacks for not wearing a forward-facing hat.

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