A Sickos Committee mayo and Pop-Tarts video. A Sickos Committee mayo and Pop-Tarts video.

College football bowls sponsored by food products have often received a lot of media attention, including the Outback Bowl, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, the Cheez-It Bowl, and the Pop-Tarts Bowl (replacing the Cheez-It Bowl this year). And that led to one particularly interesting thing Monday, with Jordan Edmonson of the Sickos Committee posting a video seemingly showing him consuming Duke’s Mayo on an unfrosted Pop-Tart:

“There’s been a lot of drama lately about the Duke’s Mayo Bowl and the Pop-Tarts Bowl. But we think that maybe everyone can just get along. And since I screwed up and bought unfrosted Pop Tarts the other day, I’m going to try something. Let’s see how everyone gets along. Oh! No! Oh, no. I don’t think they can get along. Oh!”

There’s no actual on-camera consumption here, so it isn’t 100 percent clear that Edmonson (one of the 10 or so Sickos Committee officers) actually ate this. But regardless of he did or not, the noises he made were certainly funny. And perhaps mayo and Pop-Tarts are not things to combine, even if they now both sponsor college football bowls.

(Although, even combining mayo and coffee has worked out okay for Will Levis. Despite his slide from the first round to the second round, he’s still set to make a lot of NFL money. So there may be cases where Pop-Tarts and mayo can work.)

[Sickos Committee on Twitter]

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