Mark Grant and Don Orsillo taste grasshoppers

Toasted grasshoppers are almost like a rite of passage for anyone entering Seattle Mariners’ T-Mobile Park for the first time.

The grasshoppers aren’t just for fans, with many visiting broadcasters frequently trying them too. And having already indulged in 32-year-old gum earlier this season, San Diego Padres announcers Don Orsillo and Mark Grant became the latest to tackle the Seattle Mariners‘ treat.

After hesitating out of fear the bugs might taste spicy, Grant confidently threw back a nice handful of grasshoppers.

“It’s crunchy,” Grant said, appearing like he didn’t mind the flavor. “It’s different…it’s got a burnt taste to it, doesn’t it?” he continued, prompting Orsillo to try the insects. Almost immediately, San Diego’s play-by-play voice cringed in disgust as if he just put something vile in his mouth.

“It’s nasty! Oh it’s gross!” Orsillo said. “It tastes like a grasshopper!”

“Have you had one before?” Grant asked curiously.

“No!” said Orsillo. “But this is what I imagined it would taste like.”

Even though Orsillo was somehow able to brace his taste-buds for the grasshoppers, he still spit them right back out. “That’s horrible! That’s gross!”

Not exactly a great sales pitch for toasted grasshoppers. But I don’t think most people purchase the item anticipating they’re going to enjoy it. Many stadiums have moved on from the more traditional hot dog, pretzel, or Cracker Jack at sporting events in favor of outrageous food items, with each city seemingly looking to outdo the other.

Denver’s Coors Field offers the Rocky Mountain Oyster Po’boy, the Texas Rangers boast The Dilly Dog, and the Kansas City Royals recently debuted the BBQ Reese’s Sandwich. Each item should provide Orsillo and Grant with something to look forward too in their travels.

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