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Imagine casually buying some fries to share at a basketball game only to unknowingly become the subject of the broadcast for the next few minutes.

Earlier this week, during the Brooklyn Nets game against the Houston Rockets on YES Network, play-by-play voice Ryan Ruocco and analyst Sarah Kustok were stunned by how quickly two fans consumed their order of French fries. And rightfully so.

Coming back from a timeout, the YES Network cameras panned to two Nets fans who just returned to their seats with a fresh bowl of fries. After a couple of “oohs and ahhs” from the booth, the broadcast returned to the court, but Ruocco and Kustok couldn’t stop talking about how good those fries looked. Less than 10 seconds later, the camera went back to the fry-eating fans and amazingly, they were already at the bottom of the bowl.

“Whoa whoa, how quickly did they eat those? I don’t understand,” Ruocco said with befuddlement. “They were just right there. Where’d they go? That was 30 seconds!”

Actually, it was nine seconds.

“Did they just …was that literally in between the…” Kustok said, trying to make sense of the situation. “Yeah, that’s how I eat French fries.”

That was some sort of disappearing act. Did they really polish those off in nine seconds? Were they that good? Did they drop the bowl? Did YES fool us with some camera tricks?

I’m not sure, but as someone who consumes every meal at a rapid pace, I’ll now have to caution myself about the potential of getting caught on camera the next time I’m eating at a game.

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