Below is the full archive of Awful Announcing 30 for 30s, organized chronologically. Nearly every 30 for 30 since the start of 2013 has been reviewed, and is chronologically listed below (with a separate listing for 2014’s Soccer Stories series).

As a resource for interested viewers, here is a top ten list of films not reviewed below. Of the reviewed installments, those that would be in an expanded top 25 list are bolded.

  1. The Two Escobars
  2. No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson
  3. Pony Excess
  4. The Announcement
  5. 9.79*
  6. Requiem for the Big East
  7. Once Brothers
  8. Run Ricky Run
  9. June 17th, 1994
  10. The Marinovich Project

In addition, these three films not reviewed would be in the top 25, but outside the top ten: Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?, The U, and Ghosts of Ole Miss.


Elway to Marino – April 23
Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau – October 1st
No Mas – October 15th
Big Shot – October 22nd
This is What They Want – October 29th
Bernie and Ernie – November 5th
Youngstown Boys – December 14th


The Price of Gold – January 16th
Requiem for the Big East – March 16th
Bad Boys – April 17th
Slaying the Badger – July 22nd
Playing for the Mob – October 7th
The Day the Series Stopped – October 14th
When the Garden Was Eden – October 21st
Brian and the Boz – October 28th
Brothers in Exile – November 4th
Rand University – November 11th
The U Part 2 – December 13th

2014 – Soccer Stories

Hillsborough – April 15th
Maradona ’86 – April 22nd
The Opposition – April 22nd
Ceasefire Massacre – April 29th
The Myth of Garrincha – April 29th
Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy – May 6th
Barbosa: the Man Who Made Brazil Cry – May 6th


Of Miracles and Men – February 8th
I Hate Christian Laettner – March 15th
Sole Man – April 16th
Angry Sky – July 30th
Trojan War – October 13th
The Prince of Pennsylvania – October 20th
The Gospel According to Mac – November 3rd
Chasing Tyson – November 10th
Four Falls of Buffalo – December 12th


The ’85 Bears – February 4th
Fantastic Lies – March 13th
This Magic Moment – April 14th
Believeland – May 14th
OJ: Made in America – June 11th-18th
Doc & Darryl – July 14th
Phi Slama Jama – October 18th
Hit It Hard – November 1st
Catholics vs Convicts – December 10th


This Was the XFL – February 2nd
One and Not Done – April 13th
Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies – June 13th-14th
Mike and the Mad Dog – July 13th
George Best: All by Himself – July 20th
What Carter Lost – August 24th
Year of the Scab – September 12th
Tommy – September 13th
Nature Boy – November 7th


The Two Bills – February 1st
The Last Days of Knight – April 12th
Seau – September 20th
42 to 1 – December 11th


Deion’s Double Play – January 31st
The Dominican Dream – April 30th
Qualified – May 28th
The Good, The Bad, The Hungry – July 2nd
Rodman: For Better or Worse – September 10th
Chuck & Tito – October 15th


Vick – January 30th-February 6th
The Last Dance – April 19th-May 17th
Lance – May 24th-31st
Be Water – June 7th
Long Gone Summer – June 14th

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