An image for the "Chasing 200" documentary on Bryan Clauson. An image for the “Chasing 200” documentary on Bryan Clauson. (FloRacing.)

Beyond airing live events across a variety of sports, FloSports has also created quite a few original series and documentaries. Their latest feature-length documentary effort there, Chasing 200 (presented by Shell), is the fourth in their FloSports Legends of Racing series. The film, covering the life and racing career of Bryan Clauson, premieres Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET exclusively on FloRacing.

The documentary looks at Clauson’s impact in life and beyond. He won 112 United States Auto Club races between 2012 and 2016, one of only seven people to hit that mark (and the youngest to do so). He won the USAC National Driver Championship in 2010-11-12, the USAC National Midget championship in 2010-11 and the USAC National Sprint Car title in 2012 and 2013. He also made three Indianapolis 500 starts, and led lap 100 on the race’s 100th anniversary in 2016. And he made headlines for his bid to compete in 200 racing events in a single season, which is where the documentary gets its title from.

Clauson passed away at 27 in August 2016, succumbing to injuries from a crash he suffered while leading the Belleville (Kans.) Midget Nationals. But he saved five lives through organ donation, and healed others through tissue donation. And his legacy lives on through the Indiana Donor Network’s Driven2SaveLives Foundation, a racing-focused organ donation promotion effort his family got involved with after his passing.

Ahead of Chasing 200‘s streaming premiere Wednesday night, FloSports executive vice president Ray Machuca (head of FloSports Film & Entertainment) spoke to AA by email about the film. Machuca said this idea came from out of a movie project Clauson and his family were working on when he passed away, documenting his quest to race in 200 events in a year.

“It seemed the most fitting way to honor Bryan’s legacy was to complete the movie he had been passionately working on,” Machuca said. “It is such a monumental feat, and his pursuit of it is inspiring.”

Machuca said it wasn’t easy to turn this into a finished documentary, but it was well worth it.

“It was an exhaustive effort. Our editor, Tyler Mager, had to review all the material produced by Bryan and Lauren, in addition to countless hours of home footage. The process was both grueling and emotionally taxing, but the result speaks for itself. I think this film will serve those who followed Bryan’s story and were fans of his, as well as those unfamiliar. It’s a special story.”

And he said he thinks it’s the standout piece in the Legends of Racing series so far.

“This is definitely the standout piece of the series so far. Each project means a lot to us, but this one hits differently because of what it’s about and how it tells the story. It’s really emotional, and I hope it inspires racing fans to live a bit more like Bryan did. We all should.”

Machuca said there’s been terrific response to those original Legends of Racing documentaries so far.

“The response has been incredible. With over a century of American racing history, there’s a real appetite for these stories among both new and longtime audiences. They’re excited to see these legends come to life on screen, and we are lucky enough to be able to give them that opportunity.”

He said investing in original documentaries and original content is a key part of FloRacing’s goal to be a key hub for racing fans.

“FloSports’ vision is for FloRacing to be the essential destination for racing in America. And how can we achieve that without telling the sport’s greatest stories? We simply can’t. Original documentaries allow us to bring these stories to life, engaging our audience and solidifying our place in the racing community.”

Machuca said Clauson was a good fit to spotlight in that series because of how he stood out on and off the track.

“Beyond his exceptional talents as a driver, he was a remarkable human being. We are both proud and thrilled to share his inspiring story with the world and the impact that he’s had beyond his life, thanks to his family and the work that they’re doing to carry on his name through Driven 2 Save Lives.”

This film’s in partnership with the United States Auto Club, which Machuca said made sense given Clauson’s history there.

“Like many exceptional drivers, Bryan honed his skills in USAC. We are fortunate that they are not only a superb organization but also a supportive partner for this project.”

And he said the organ donation message here, and the focus on Clauson’s legacy in that area, fits with what he and his family wanted.

“It’s important to us because it was important to Bryan, the Clauson family, the driving community, and anyone who has ever been on the waiting list for a life-saving organ,” Machuca said. “Driven 2 Save Lives has not only helped numerous people awaiting vital transplants, but through sharing this story, we hope that this film and the exposure it is gaining will only help to aid even more lives.”

Machuca said he’s honored by the family’s faith in FloSports to put this together.

“I’d also like to thank the Clauson family for their amazing contributions to this film and their faith and trust in our ability to tell Bryan’s story.”

Overall, Machuca said he thinks this is an important film beyond racing.

“This film goes way beyond the sport of dirt racing or motorsports. It’s an inspiring story about someone who is following his dream, building a legacy, and how that legacy extends beyond his life. It’s a tribute to a mission-driven life, and that’s a story that can reach any one of us.”


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