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Last month, actor Christopher McDonald spilled the beans about a forthcoming Happy Gilmore sequel from Adam Sandler and Netflix, and new details are here from the Sandman himself.

Sandler joined The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to discuss Happy Gilmore 2, which he said could begin shooting soon.

“We’re working on it, me and (Tim) Herlihy are diligently trying to make a good reason for everyone to watch and have a good time. Netflix is excited about it,” Sandler said. “We’ve got some good ideas.”

Patrick, of course, is a regular in the Sandler extended universe. He was not in the original Happy Gilmore, but pitched himself to replace the late great Bob Barker.

In the original film, Barker competes in a celebrity Pro-Am with Happy and ends up in fisticuffs with the hockey player turned golf sensation. Patrick told Sandler he would love to fight him, but also suggested Barker’s Price is Right replacement Drew Carey as another option.

Sandler said he appreciated fans’ interest in the cast. He also said he wants to honor all the stars of the first film who have passed.

“I would love Drew Carey to be in this movie out of respect to Bob,” Sandler said. “When we were writing stuff, Bob was alive. When we were writing stuff, Carl Weathers was alive. When we were writing stuff, Joe Flaherty was alive. It sucks, we love those guys. They were such a big part of the movie and just great people. But we’re going to get them involved somehow. They’ll be involved.”

So while McDonald, who played the villain Shooter McGavin in the 1996 comedy classic, let the cat out of the bag early, Sandler is excited for the new one.

And this time, he will seemingly have full creative license. Sandler revealed that producers at Universal wanted the original to be called Hole in Fun, which is exactly why suits should not make creative decisions.

It seems Netflix is letting Sandler do his thing on the sequel, and we can all expect it in our feeds relatively soon.

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