Bishop Sycamore vs IMG.

The fake school featuring the name of a made-up figure is now the most popular team name in fantasy football, an activity wherein people with big dreams come together in search of financial windfalls that don’t benefit the actual players on said team. That sounds just about perfect.

According to Yahoo!, the name “Bishop Sycamore” has been steadily rising up the ranks of the most popular team names in their fantasy football league. Last week, following the wild story of Bishop Sycamore and their lopsided game against IMG Academy that was televised on ESPN, the name surged to 14th overall amongst Yahoo Fantasy users. As the story got stranger and shadier over the weekend, the name jumped to 5th overall. By Tuesday of this week, it was the most popular name amongst Yahoo Fantasy users with over 10,000 of them going with the made-up moniker.

As Liz Roscher points out in the article, that’s widely the most popular name. The next-biggest one, “Run-CMC” shows up just 7,000 times by comparison. So it’s not even close. And given that we still have another day and a half before the NFL season begins, there’s still time to add to the pile.

While the name is sure to make for plenty of jokes in fantasy football leagues, the real story of the fake school is not quite as charming. Plenty of players and parents have been burned by the program and ones like it, in spite of their former coach’s insistence it’s not a scam. Like in fantasy football, there’s money to be made in these situations, but it’s funneled upward and not towards the people actually accruing the stats.

But if you do find yourself in a fantasy football league with that team name, expect the bit to keep going long after the world might move on from the actual team. Because Bishop Sycamore isn’t the name of your fantasy football team. It’s the name of your “post-grad fantasy football academy.”

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